MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God

Chapter 334 Aftermath
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" He captured the Paratus clan capital? " Roy Kingsman said in astonishment as he stared at his war council with a wide mouth.

Everyone had their heads facing towards the floor as nobody had the guts to face the lord.

Everyone of them had been fooled, they had believed that Ravan was planning an attack on Dombivli city and had hence aggressively called for reinforcements from all other planets as they reduced the security on every planet except the capital.

They were convinced of a swift and complete victory when Max eventually set foot on Dombivli City, however, the clever captain never intended to set a single foot on the Paratus clan capital anyways, his target was the auxiliary planets and the Kingsman clan had fallen straight for their trap.

" Uncle, do you have any explanations? " Roy said, signalling for his uncle, one of the five Kingsman clan tier5 commanders to speak.

" My lord, the intelligence report we received was not verified and believed from a single source.

14 independent organisations submitted the same report to us. It was not just us who were fooled, I think it was Ravan's entire army who had no idea about the real plan of attack.

The enemy is a master strategist and a genius, a hero of the frontlines. It's regretful that we were fooled, but I can assure you, we won't make the same mistake twice " Farid Kingsman, the uncle of Roy and Keane as well as the cousin brother of the deceased Will Kingsman said as he tried to assure Roy of his competency. Please visit 𝙞𝓷𝙣r𝚎𝓪𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝒎

Although Roy sat on the throne, virtually all power and politics of the kingdom was controlled by Farid.

His explanation in public was nothing more than a farce and politeness, as even if he said ' We made a mistake, so what?' in front of Roy, there was nothing he could do about it despite being the lord.

The moment Roy had signed the documents to open the gates of the royal treasury to the army, Farid had used his political, physical and economic prowess to buy the majority of the politicians and military officials of the country.

If he truly wanted to, he could organise a coup to instate himself as lord the next day, however, he was patiently waiting for the war to end, so that he could ascend on the throne as a victorious war general, just like Regus Aurelius.

This was the only reason behind his polite attitude to the upstart brat Roy, who had lost one of his balls to a kidnapper.

" Very well, I believe you uncle, so what do we do about the forces we have recalled from the other planets? Do we send them back or do we keep them here? " Roy asked as he swept his gaze across the room, looking for anyone who would give him a proper answer.

" We should send them back …. " A low level court official said very softly, however Farid laughed at this suggestion and said "We send them back and then what? Ravan attacks the capital and we lose everything…..

The capital planet generates about 85% of our economy. While the other four planets contribute only 15%.

Even if Ravan captures all four planets one by one, by the end he would only have hardly 100,000 troops left.

100,000 troops are not enough to run four planets, we will take them back in one fell sweep.

What we need to focus now is security of the capital, because if we lose the capital city, we will truly be crippled "

Murmurs broke out throughout the room as everyone contemplated Farid's words.

They seemed to be very wise, however, it still felt uncomfortable to let the enemy gain access to so many planets.

" Is there no better choice? Maybe we can hire mercenaries or a private army? " Roy asked, however, his boyish question made many counsellors roll their eyes.

A monthly salary for a hired mercenary to fight in war was 400 gold a month for tier1 warriors.

Because of the high risk nature of the job , even hiring the most basic soldiers broke one's back during times of war, which is why armies preferred cultivating troops from scratch and using them at times of war, because 500 gold coins could cover the salary of a soldier for a year.

" My nephew have you heard the saying - if a lion walks two steps back, it's not because it's afraid of its prey, it's because it's elongating the length of its run up, to jump higher and pounce stronger.

We are the lions, and the rebels are the prey, they can celebrate these small wins all they want, one day we shall take back everything and then some in one fell swoop ". Farid declared boldly as everyone in the council cheered.

They were convinced that the good days of the enemy were surely numbered.


( Meanwhile Max )

" I'm tired buddy, I'm sure the soldiers are too, I'm in no position to fight a second battle today " Sebastian said as he protested Max's plan of launching a second raid on the same day.

" The enemy won't be expecting it, they won't be vigilant, we can take them by surprise " Max said, knowing full well in his heart that his thinking was along the correct lines.

" But what about fatigue? " Sebastian questioned, everyone was dead tired today.

" We are soldiers, the moment we have eaten, we have our injuries treated, we have rested for 6 hours, what more do you need?

Pass the order, tonight we storm Geonmi planet, we depart in 3 hours and that is final " Max said with conviction as he passed his order onto Sebastian who pursed his lips.

" We lost 65,000 troops this battle Max, around 35,000 more injured, that's about a third of our forces ". Sebastian said trying to make his point

" If we don't attack tonight, then we will lose more.

Let the dead rest in peace and the injured heal on this planet, 250,000 troops is all I need to win this battle.

You can choose to come with me, or rest here if your joints ache too much " Max replied coldly as tonight he was in no mood to play the best friends role, tonight he was in commander mode and Sebastian had to choose to obey or rebel.

" I understand Captain, I'll relay your orders and be ready " Sebastian eventually said as Max dismissed him from the room.

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