MMORPG: Rise of the Primordial Godsmith

Chapter 288 Shower Thought?
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"Mnh…" Gradually opening his eyes as he sat upright, Valyr felt soreness all over his body, prompting his groggy mind to wonder what he had done last night to feel like a sack of dirt.

Allowing his consciousness to acclimate to its current situation, he instantly noticed that he had been sleeping on the floor all this time, causing his mind to wonder about the reason why he had been sleeping on the floor instead.

And that's when it hit him.

"Ah!" Getting an idea of how he had gotten into his current situation, Valyr rummaged through his memories of the previous night, recalling that he was in the midst of fusing a few passive skills to form a stronger passive skill. With the final memory his mind could recall being the fact that Wells had appeared in front of him while he was feeling great agony, Valyr swiftly opened up his notification screen to check if the merging was successful, inwardly cursing himself in the meantime that he had succumbed to the pain.

Seeing that the merging of the skills was successful, he then let out a long sigh of relief as he stood up before lying down on his bed, stretching his body as he took a look at the description of the new passive skill he had just gotten. After all, he was already finished absorbing all of the skills he had bought.



[Unearthed Innate Potential] (Level 1/10)

Rarity: Common+

Every being throughout the universe has potential within them that is yet to be unearthed. Some of this potential is awakened through the process of reinforcing one's body and soul, while some of it would be awakened through the process of ascending to a higher rank. Nevertheless, a great amount of potential still remains.

Some beings are born with part of this potential already unearthed, with a certain stat gaining a boost to its power. Then, there are those who are born with a great part of their potential already unearthed, allowing them to stand head and shoulders above their peers.

Through an excruciating process, you have become one of those beings. However, a long road awaits you before you can stand beside them as equals.

This skill increases all of the user's stats by 0.1%, as well as the user's HP and MP regeneration rate by 1%.


Though the small boost the skill gave him caused a bitter smile to appear on his face, Valyr was inwardly glad to find out that the skill he had gotten was more or less similar to the skill he was used to in the past… excluding the part where he had to endure an excruciating amount of pain. With that in mind, Valyr wasn't disappointed by the fact that the skill only boosted his power by a small amount at the moment.

After all, unlike other stat-boosting skills, [Unearthed Innate Potential] could be upgraded and evolved.

Deciding to check the description of [Limit Break] and [Enhanced Polymorph] later, Valyr eventually stood up from his bed, only to come face-to-face with Wells, who had a relieved smile on his face once he saw his friend up and about. "I'm glad you woke up."

"Sorry about that." In response, an apologetic smile adorned Valyr's face as he recalled the Shadow Serpent Essence he had taken out from the spatial bracelet he wore. Looking around his surroundings, he eventually found the orb before placing it back into the bracelet for the meantime, reminding himself to absorb the orb once he was free.

"What happened last night?" Listening to Wells' question, a bitter smile popped up on Valyr's face as he explained to Wells what he had been up to last night while he was sleeping. Though Valyr omitted a bit of information here and there, such as the fact that he had fused skills into a stronger skill, the information he had given Wells was more than enough for the latter to look at him with his mouth agape.

"You seriously absorbed close to 40 skills in a row last night?" As these words came out of Wells' mouth, he placed his hand on his forehead before softly shaking his head in slight disappointment. "I don't know if I should be concerned or amazed after that."

Noticing the slight confusion on Valyr's face, Wells put two and two together in his mind as he continued, "Just so you know, there's a limit to how many skills you can absorb in one sitting without it inflicting pain on your body and mind."

"For Rank 1 class holders like us, the average amount of skills we can absorb before feeling pain is five, though that varies from person to person." Committing all of the information that Wells was giving him, it did not take Valyr too long to realize that he had just done what was considered the dumbest among the dumbest things one could ever possibly do.

"I don't know how high your limit is, but there was a time where I absorbed 10 skills in a row," said Wells to him as he shrugged his shoulders. "It was only when I absorbed my 11th skill did I start feeling a bit of pain in my mind, so I stopped."

"Anyways, what's done is done. There's not much point in talking about it any further." Deciding to end the topic then and there, Wells then suggested to Valyr that they get some breakfast from outside the inn, which the latter readily agreed.

Though, just as the two of them were about to head into their respective bathrooms, Wells reminded Valyr that he had a meeting with Braum and the others at the Imperial Production Guild at some point later in the day, to which Valyr nodded in response.

Allowing the warm water flowing down his body to wash away the soreness his body felt all over, Valyr stood under the water in silence, pondering over a few thoughts that had popped up in his mind.

After a while, he had acted upon some of these thoughts, causing a notification sound to resound in his mind not long after.


[1,600,949 XP has been allocated.]

[Your level has increased by 6 levels.]

[You are now Level 25.]

[You have gained the following stats: +18 VIT, +18 STR, +12 AGI, +30 DEX, +30 INT, +12 WIS, +12 PER, and +6 LUK.] Please visit 𝒊n𝙣𝓻𝚎𝒶𝚍. 𝑐𝗼𝓶

[You have gained 24 unassigned stat points.]

[You have reached the level limit of your current class. To increase this limit, it is highly advised for you to ascend to a higher class.]

[Would you like to ascend?]

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