Monster Integration

Chapter 3059 Academy
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"Are you returning to the academy?" asked Ellen as I was walking through the memorial, invisible to people around me.

"Yes, it is time I return to it permanently," I replied, to which she nodded before her expression became serious.

"Good, I have something to tell me, more like they asked me to tell you," She said with complicated expressions; clearly, she was uncomfortable with what she was about to say, and I could already guess what is about.

"Who they?" I asked despite knowing who, and she knew it, which is why she glared at me.

"They hope that you will not increase the number of powerhouses too much and will keep the numbers in balance with other Supremes," she said, and the smile on my face became even bigger before it became serious.

"Don't worry; the numbers of academies powerhouses will remain in balance; I will not create the army to dominate the world," I said without hiding my voice from those who were listening and could feel them taking a sigh of relief.

Currently, I am powerful enough to create an army for world domination, and they will not be able to stop me, but as I had said, I have no intention of doing that.

Though, I will not leave the academy at the mercy of Supremes; that is the only mistake my predecessor made. I know too well that glory fades, and it did not take long for it to happen.

So, when I leave, the academy would be strong; strong enough to contend against any supreme, but it wouldn't be a supreme.

It is opposite to the ethos of which it had been founded and why her excellency did not make it supreme, even when she had the power to do it, like Ramona Hawthorn.

A few hours passed, and I returned to the pyramid where the authority of the Supreme Commander downgraded, that now she is a leader of the Pyramid and nothing more.

This whole council, including Lady Hera, is planning to resign within a year after the important work to be done.

It might seem like the work is done, but it is not; the hidden Grimms need to be killed, territories need to be divided, and the brainwashed humans need to be rehabilitated along with other colonies of humans in the Grimm's land.

It will be a tough job, and even now, we are not sure whether we are not sure the way we are doing that.

"I will visit you in a month; by then, you would recover more," I said to an old woman in a wheelchair.

"Thank you, young man; without you, this old woman would have merged to earth by now," said Matron Mavis.

She is still weak and unable to use her power; it will her a year or more before she can do that.

"It is the least I could do for all the sacrifices you have made for the world," I said to her before turning to my friends. "Take care of your teacher, and if something happens, contact me immediately," I said to Jill. i𝑛n𝓻ℯ𝘢𝒅. Com

"I will, and thank you again for healing, teacher," she said and hugged me before taking the old woman away.

I said goodbye to my friends and also my parents, who were going to stay here for a few days. They haven't decided on what they will do; though I had said the door of the academy will always open to them, I don't think they will come there.

"Tell me when you decide," I said to them, "We will," said mom; I hugged them before disappearing.

A second later, I appeared in the academy in from of Marina's office, my office, as I am headmaster.

Everyone is here as I had asked them, Ellen, Professor, Marina, and all the councilmembers who had survived the war, including old women Marla, and all of them are staring at the grey sphere floating in front of them.

"You have kept us waiting for an hour, headmaster," said the old woman; her demeanor did not change, even after I gained this power and became headmaster.

"There are some things that came up," I said, "More important than this," said the old woman pointing at the floating grey sphere. I only smile before turning to the professor.

"Bring out everyone," I said to her, to which she nodded.

"Attention, every member of the academy, students, staff, and every other, appear in front of the administration building within half an hour," she said through her badge, and immediately the whole academy stirred.

We have become visible to the masses as they appear one after another; I have also sensed the powerful presence.

They did not hide their presence; they just remained invisible to the masses; only those at the professor and Elina's level could sense them.

Soon, half an hour passed, and all the academy members had gathered in front of us; seeing them, my eyes couldn't help but become emotional.

Like every other organization, we have lost people; more than half of our members have died in the war.

I cleared my emotions and turned to them.

"Today, I will give you all the gifts, something that will make every member of the academy proud as till it stands," I said and placed my hands on the floating spear; its grey color turned green and slowly went down till it merged in the earth.

For a minute, nothing had happened before; finally, energy burst out of far corners of the academy and enveloped it fully in an energy layer; that even Grand Lords would have a hard time breaching.

Shake Shake Shake

People were staring at the giant energy spherical energy cover enveloping the academy when the earth began to shake.

While the earth shook, not a single wall collapsed due to it.

"The academy is moving!" shouted someone, and people began to look, but they did not see it moving; confusion appeared on most of their faces before they understood what was happening.

The academy is not moving sideways, but it is moving up.

It took more than a minute for a huge steely round bowl containing the academy to reveal itself. It finally reached above the ground and finally picked up the speed to fly up as people began to gasp visibly.

This artifact that Rhaek had been trying to fix; I did it with mine full of crystal.

This artifact is the same level as Pyramid, but unlike Pyramid, which is a fortress class artifact, this is a city class.

It did not contain immense space in small size and was not as defensive as it was, but it was big and capable of doing many things that Pyramid could not.

It is perfect to house the academy.

For three months, we have been working hard to give it access to all academy buildings; there are some really powerful formations that were left behind, not to mention the legacy buildings.

There were many things we had to do before we have able to merge it with this artifact, but it was all worth it seeing the academy flying up.

Soon, it reached the clouds and pierced through them; the sun became glaring above, but the energy screen changed, making the inside sunny as before while giving the breathtaking view as the artifact finally stopped.

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