Myth Beyond Heaven

Chapter 1237 Four God Emperors (1)
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After Yun Lintian left, Xing Yongnian walked into the garden and bowed respectfully toward Xing Tengfei.

He raised his head and asked in doubt. "Why did you let him go, father?"

Xing Tengfei took a sip of tea and glanced at his son. "I didn't let him go, but I had no ability to hold him back."

A look of shock appeared on Xing Yongnian's face as he said in disbelief. "His strength… has already reached that high?"

"His strength cannot be measured with commonsense from the beginning… If we fight head-on, I don't think anyone in this world can be his opponent." Xing Tengfei said calmly.

"Moreover, he had obviously noticed the formation here but still came without fear. Do you know what this means?"

Xing Yongnian's face turned solemn as he replied. "But our Star Annihilation Formation is not weak either. Was he truly not afraid?"

Xing Yongnian looked at his son and said calmly. "Do you know what happened to Lan Cao?… The soul contract I placed in him was broken by himself."

Xing Yongnian frowned deeply upon hearing this. There were two ways of breaking the soul contract. The first one was Lan Cao died, and the second one was that Lan Cao's strength had exceeded the master's…

At this moment, his eyes gradually widened in disbelief. "Father, you mean…?"

Xing Tengfei said expressionlessly. "Without a doubt, his strength had already reached the peak level of the Divine Foundation Realm before his death."

"Even so, he had still lost his life to Yun Lintian."

His words were like a sledgehammer struck on Xing Yongnian's head, causing him to feel dizzy for a moment.

As the palace master, he naturally knew how powerful Lan Cao was in his heyday. It could be said Lan Cao was only seconded to Weilan Jian, who was regarded as the number one expert in the world.

It was difficult to imagine how powerful he had become after reaching the peak of the Divine Foundation Realm. 𝗶𝚗𝘯re𝐚d. 𝑐𝗼𝙢

However, Lan Cao, who had surpassed Weilan Jian by miles, still ended up getting killed by Yun Lintian… What was this mean? It meant not a single person in this world could be Yun Lintian's opponent!

"Then… Why didn't he attack us?" Xing Yongnian managed to calm down and asked in confusion. Based on the grudge between Yun Lintian and the Star Gazing Palace, it was impossible for him to let the palace go… Why would he leave like that?

"He has many things to worry about at the moment." Xing Tengfei expressed his opinion. "Although the Star Annihilation Formation could not kill him, he would need to spend a lot of energy to deal with it. Once the war breaks out, it's uncertain who would come out on top in the end."

"He is someone who acts cautiously for all his life. Even if his strength has already reached an unparalleled level, he won't be foolish enough to start an uncertain battle."

Speaking to this point, Xing Tengfei sighed and said. "I have been calculating others all my life, and all of them are going well according to my plans. Even Yun Wushuang back then suffered in my hands… Unfortunately, this time is entirely different. Being Yun Lintian's enemy is probably the biggest mistake I have made."

Xing Yongnian looked at his father's tired appearance with incredulity. Throughout his life, he had never seen his father like this.

He took a deep breath and said. "He will definitely not leave like this the next time we meet. What should we do, father?"

Xing Tengfei didn't say anything but a cold glint could be seen flashing through his eyes. No one knew what he was thinking at the moment.


After boarding the skyship, Yun Lintian took another glance at the Star Gazing Palace.

Earlier, he could feel the unfathomable power coming from the surrounding when he sat in the pavilion. Without a doubt, it came from the formation that he was aware of it the moment he entered the garden.

Although he was confident that he could still kill Xing Tengfei, there was no guarantee that he would get injured. Not to mention it would put Long Ying, Linlin, and Qingqing in danger.

Hence, he decided to back off first. Anyway, he wouldn't let Xing Tengfei go next time.

"You've made the right decision to back off." Hongyue's voice resounded. "If I'm not mistaken, that formation is the Star Annihilation Formation from the Myriad Star Realm. Although its power is only one-tenth of its original one, it is enough to severely injure you."

"That strong?" Yun Lintian was surprised slightly.

"Well, if you go all out, it should be no problem to break it, but you will also consume a lot of energy. At that time, Xing Tengfei could beat you with a number." Hongyue said casually.

Yun Lintian nodded slightly. "At least this trip is not in vain."

"Are you going to check the world's core right away?" On the side, Long Ying asked.

Yun Lintian thought for a moment and said. "Yes. However, I will go alone this time."

Long Ying wanted to say something but held back in the end. She knew that she had become a burden this time. If she didn't come here with him, perhaps Yun Lintian had already started a battle with Xing Tengfei by now.

"Alright." She said softly and walked into the cabin, controlling the skyship toward the south.

"Can you tell me about the people behind the Myriad Star Divine Emperor now?" Watching Long Ying walk away, Yun Lintian asked in his mind.

Hongyue went silent for a moment and said. "No matter what I say next, you must stay silent. Do not utter a word about it. Otherwise, they will immediately know your existence. Understand?"

Yun Lintian's expression became serious as he nodded. "Understood."

Hongyue took a deep breath and began to explain. "I told you before that there are thirty-four God Emperors in the Divine Realm, right? Normally, all of them are rarely intervening in each other's business. Whatever evil deeds they are doing, they won't care much."

"Well, let me tell you first that this is just my guess… Four among them are known for mingling together to do some shady things behind everyone's back."

"They are the Thousand Faces God Emperor, Violet Thunder God Emperor, Everlasting Soul God Emperor, and the Heaven Desolate God Emperor, who is renowned as the second person under the Beyond Heaven King."

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