SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 714 Karlia Versus Serah
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'Is this woman an idiot?' Karlia thought to herself in exasperation.

'You don't have to do anything. Just go… like, really.'

This was what made her tired of people in general. Why couldn't they simply listen? It puzzled her to no end.

Karlia, the Succubus, was very busy with her work. Even the Nether Cult understood its value. They knew not to waste her time, and they even allowed her to do her research and everything else in their territory.

That was how important this stuff was to her. Yet…

'She really is an idiot.' Karlia sighed to herself.

Still, she didn't want to engage in pointless conflict. As someone who despised violence, she preferred experimenting and developing new things to further her goal. Not only did she see fighting at first glance as barbaric, but she also considered it to be counter-productive.

Of course, people like the Martial Blade God had her respect because they simply lived by their philosophy, and their goals required them to fight. If her goal was the same, she would be the same.

'But, I'm really not into this.'

Karlia didn't remember the last time she had killed someone. She didn't like the idea of killing without due reason—especially when it wasn't her job.

'The Martial Blade God can contact me at any time, so he would have told me to handle it if he couldn't…'

That meant this woman was his to handle. She didn't want to have anything to do with it.

'She'd have to go through him to get to the leader too.' That left the whole matter out of her hands.

If there was something that piqued her curiosity, though, it would be the fact that Serah Crimson was all alone.

'Why are they scattered around the island like this?' Karlia asked herself.

Still, she could simply chalk it down to a fault in their plans… or perhaps they chose this approach to cover more ground. The latter seemed stupid and dangerous to her, but what did she care?

'I want to get back. I'll try convincing her one last time.'

"Listen, human, I do not wish to fight you. You are searching for people, no? You also have a mission you must complete, right? Why bother with me? You'll only find our exchange to be a waste of time, really."

Karlia watched how Serah Crimson's eyes narrowed further in suspicion, and she observed how her determination grew. That was when it struck the Succubus.

'Damn! She'll fight me regardless of what I say.'

Trying to convince her any further would only be a waste of time on her part. If she wanted to get back to her important tasks, she just had to give the human what she wanted.

A satisfying fight.




'I'll have to go all-out!' Serah realized she needed to use her full power due to the nature of her opponent.

This Succubus was now the Second Seat within the Cult. That made her extremely powerful!

'Beruel warned us about her, but even he doesn't know the full depths of her power since he was weaker.' She braced herself, ready to use all the cards at her disposal.

'Original Magic… INVINCIBLE!'


Her body instantly surged with fiery power, and she was doused in it. She instantly took on the form of energy, shimmering with crimson radiance.

'Not yet!'

Now utilizing the power of her Arcana, Serah fused [The Sun] with her transformation—causing her bright form to take on a darker shade instantly.

She turned dark crimson, and all over her body was a brighter radiance than before. It appeared like she was covered with the sun itself, and her body was as unbreakable as the strongest substance. This heated form of hers was… Truly Invincible!

Yet, she wasn't done!

'Mage Mode!'


Around her flowed several shimmering balls of light that seemed to dance in response to her will. They seemed like stars, but each had heat and pressure that burned brightly—each of them suns in their own rights.

Now, in this form, Serah was confident of a good fight.

'Let's go!'


Serah zoomed past the distance as though she had simply teleported.

She closed the distance between her and Karlia in a flash, creating a blade the instant she stepped within range. In an instant, a crimson longsword appeared in her hand, and she swooped it down to cut through her opponent.


Everything around suffered the brunt of the damage.

In just one hit, the area had become a sea of flames. What appeared to be molten magma now served as the new landscape, and a blazing heat covered the area for at least a mile. However…


Her opponent, the Succubus, seemed perfectly fine.

'She didn't even dodge it?!' Serah thought to herself

The enemy had been completely still throughout the attack, and she also felt her blade connect to something. It had to have hit her!

'Even the building behind her is unscathed. How tough are they?'

Serah knew she wasn't at full power yet. In fact, that was the whole point of her Original Magic. She would keep growing stronger as time went on. Stronger than any adversary she would ever face.

'Mage Mode increases the rate at which I grow stronger, and it provides me with a variety of ways to store Magical powers.'

As for [The Sun], it had the properties of Aether, thus making it effective on opponents like those in the Nether Cult. By fusing her Original Magic with it, she could inflict far more damage than before.

There was one other function, but Serah was saving it as a trump card after she had gotten enough information on the enemy—as well as to serve as a last resort if she ended up in a pinch.

For now, though, she simply had to be satisfied with the destructive capabilities her form provided. After all, even Jared and Neron admitted that no one packed a bigger punch than her in the whole team.

'We'll see about that!'

In a flash, Serah ascended to the sky and threw one of her crimson suns at Karlia and her territory. The effects?


A massive dome of crimson light spread for miles, consuming everything. It covered the landscape, swallowing all within its reach. In an instant, the solid earth became a sea of magma, and heat rose to the sky in form of smoke.

With just a single attack, Serah devastated everything.

Everything but the enemy and her massive dome-like building.

"What? How?"

The most astounding part was the fact that the enemy simply stood still, and she didn't have a scratch.

"How is this possible?!" Serah stared, a bemused expression on her face.

"Haa… this is why I said you'd be wasting your time." The crimson demon beneath her sighed, spreading her wings as she floated to the sky.

Her lips seemed to be forming a smile, and something akin to a demonic smile spread all over her face.

Serah could feel the chills just by looking at it.

On one part of her body surged Miasma, and on the other reigned Mana. They flowed and merged at the center, thanks to the effects of Aether. In this magnificence, she rose to the same heights as Serah.

"I am truly immortal. Nothing in this world or in any other can kill me."





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